What you should NOT do when faced with
possible mould growth!


Cleaning Mold

Extreme caution should be exercised when attempting to clean up mould. Mould growth from condensation around windows or on bathroom tiles if it is topical in nature and minimal in growth can be cleaned up. Avoid bleaches or chemical biocides since these do not work and cause other environmental problems and health issues. Soapy water with white vinegar, borax and water solution, or a detergent works very well in cleaning up mould.

If the mould growth is on drywall, wood beams, carpeting, insulation, etc, you should have it tested to determine the type, quantity and toxic effects of the mould growth. The cause and extent of the mould problem should also be determined prior to any clean up procedure. Proper care must be taken to protect the individual, occupants as well as the remainder of the building when removing mould.

Disturbing Mould Growth

Mould growth should be disturbed as little as possible. If mould growth areas are touched, scrubbed, dried out or otherwise disturbed, mould spores may aerosolize and became part of the breathable air. This may cause ingestion and inhalation of potentially toxic mould spores which could lead to a variety of serious health effects.

Avoid ripping up carpeting, destruction of drywall or any other destructive activities on building materials showing mould growth until you know what you are dealing with. If wall cavities need to be opened for the purposes of testing, this must be done by a qualified professional with minimal damage to the wall itself. Entry points into a wall should be as small as possible (usually no more than 1/2 inch in diameter). All entry points or punctures in a wall suspected of mould growth must be properly sealed afterwards to avoid mould spores from aerosolizing.


The use of biocides is not recommended by our company nor by (ACGIH) American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist which is a leading body in North America for Occupational and Environmental Safety as well as bioaerosol testing and remediation. Biocides are not an easy fix for mould in buildings even though many manufacturers claim that they are. Biocides kill the viability of the mould spore and can prevent mould growth from spreading. However, biocides do not remove the toxic properties of a mould species. By spraying biocides on mould growth you will only retard mould growth itself. Dead mould spores can have the same toxic properties as viable or living mould spores. The possible toxic health effects are not properly addressed through this method.


Depending on the situation, it is not always advisable to dry out mould growth. By drying out mould growth you are removing part of its sustainability and food source. If a mould species is growing on building materials and the moisture is removed too soon before remediation, mould spores could aerosolize as a natural survival mechanism of the mould itself. Some species of mould like Stachybotrys needs a lot of moisture for growth. As long as it is wet this type of mould does not easily aerosolize. If this type of mould growth is dried out and not immediately removed, it may become aerosolized causing potentially serious health effects.

Mould Removal Contractors

Ensure that the mould removal contractor is qualified to do the job right. Unfortunately, we see all too often where mould is being remediated improperly costing the home owner thousands of dollars due to spreading of mould spores. The most common mistakes contractors make is beginning work with faulty containment in place, improper pressurization, improper decontainment procedures, improper cleaning, and a lack of understanding of aerosolized mould spores. These sites usually result in the return of the mould problem. In many cases it could mean a complete re-clean of the affected area plus additional work of remediating areas that were not originally affected.

Your family can be protected from the effects of mold. Call us today for our mold removal Toronto services.



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You can have mould growth in your home that has been there for years without smelling it. There are only a few species of mould that produce a scent that is detectable by humans. To require further assistance, contact us for our mold removal Toronto service.
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