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Are you looking for mold removal services in Scarborough?

The first step to a successful mould remediation is a proper assessment. A mould assessment will determine the location of mould growth (hidden and visible) and where the mould spores have travelled to.

After a proper assessment a mould clean up protocol can be created where we will put you in touch with our qualified contractors that can then safely remove the mould growth.

The goal of remediation is to clean or remove building materials contaminated with mould while preventing the emission of fungi from leaving the work area. We want to leave the area in a state of normal fungal ecology for that particular environment. Mouldx’s certified remediators assess each unique situation and develop a remediation strategy based on the scope of the project. We provide this mold removal services in multiple areas including Scarborough.

Scarborough Mold Remediation Activities May Include:

  • Strategy development.
  • Occupational Health and Safety implementation.
  • Hazard communication with all occupants involved.
  • Complete containment of the infected area.
  • HEPA vacuuming to ensure dust and debris are contained.
  • Disinfecting the contained area.
  • Removal and disposal of contaminated building materials.

Scarborough Contents Remediation

Every now and again, we come across a client who needs to have hundreds to thousands of items remediated off-site.

Mouldx has a 1500 square foot warehouse with a 3-stage decontamination facility to accommodate large-scale contents cleaning.

We can arrange everything from item organizing, packing, delivery, storing, and cleaning. Just let us know your needs, and we’ll work together to get the problem solved, whether you are in Scarborough or any other city.

Aegis Mould Prevention Products

  • Provides protection against odour causing bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms
  • Permanently bonded antimicrobial barrier
  • Registered with the EPA since 1976 and PMRA since 1997 and also registered in the UK and Asia

Remember, the first and best defense is a good offense. The importance of having a microbial pollutant control and prevention component as part of your contingency plan and having a baseline of knowledge about the microbial habitats in your building is essential. The usefulness of a proven long-lasting, effective antimicrobial treatment which offers protection from the re-growth of microorganisms is also essential.

Attic Cleaning

We remediate attics!!!

Let us guess. An inspector has come across some black stuff up in the attic and has recommended a professional take a look at it, because it might be MOULD! Even worse, you may not be able to sell the house until the problem is rectified…

Don’t panic: If the inspector took a picture, send it to us and we’ll let you know if it’s a problem – free of charge. We’ve dealt with many attics over the years, and can help you get that house sold in no time.

Dry Ice

Dry ice blasting or “cryo-blasting” is an important component to the ‘large-scale” remediation process.

When mould covers a large area, it is potentially more cost-effective to clean the contaminated surface with dry-ice media. Blasting can remove growth from difficult areas in a very short time. What would regularly take weeks, can sometimes be finished in a few hours!

Due to the extensive creation of particulates, an experienced remediator is required for a strong THOUGHTFUL containment to ensure nothing migrates to unaffected areas.

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Hear What They Have to Say:

avatar"Mouldx's work was exceptional.

Mouldx was recommended to me after mold was discovered in our recently purchased home. I contacted Charles and he was great to deal with. They set up a date to come out and investigate the mold report findings from another company and found the problem wasn't as bad as indicated on the reports.

They proceeded to do what was necessary to remove what mold was there and they completed the work in a timely fashion. Their work was very professional and I appreciate their honesty."

Frank from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
avatar"Charles was the most pleasant and competent young man. He even made his demolition of the basement into an interesting experience! But the proof of his knowledge and expertise lay in the fact that the follow-up lab reports gave us a clean bill of health!"

Gita Rotenberg from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
avatar"Hi Charles, I just wanted to say thank you again for the great service. I am so impressed with you, your company and Matt. I realize that to your company this was just a small job, but to me it was huge. Thank you for still treating me like this was a big job.

I never expected the same day service from you nor to have the job completed within 24 hours of me calling you.

Matt was so professional, polite, did excellent work and even left my kitchen cleaner then when he found it. That's what I call great, above the call of duty, customer service. I can't thank you enough. I wish all the success."

Julie Sinopoli from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
avatar"Once again we had an issue with mold in our basement. Mouldx was there for an estimate quickly, took into consideration the nature of the job and fit us in almost immediately.

The crew was personable but professional and the job was done neatly, quickly and without disturbing the flow of our household. Excellent service and excellent company.

They are my "go to" guys for any issues with molds in a home."

Emeli from Zephyr, Ontario, Canada
avatar"We had a serious mould problem in our basement from previous owners. Charles at Mouldx did a fabulous job -- thoroughly professional in every way. He managed to accomodate our schedule and did an excellent job of sanitizing our basement and the rest of the house.

He even advised us about keeping other areas of the house mould-free. Additionally, he helped us identify contractors who were also excellent to assist with other issues in our house. We wholeheartedly recommend Charles for any mould remediation job."

Pat Dean Brick from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
avatar"After meeting with Charles and discussing the results of his assessment, I was very comfortable and confident in contracting Mouldx for the mold removal project.

Charles thoroughly reviewed the removal process with myself and my husband and was always available to answer any questions. The technicians were efficient and fast, completely removing the mold and cleaning up after their work was completed.

I would not have any second thoughts in recommending Mouldx for any mold-related projects.

Karolyn Katz from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
avatar"Mouldx was the Best Contractor I ever Hired!

After searching, myself, for a mould remediator and being extremely unimpressed with what I found, I asked my mould inspector who he could recommend.

He recommended Mouldx. And I was glad that he did.

Charles was there to answer whatever question I had. They completed the remediation work in the 2nd floor bedroom and the entire basement as he said they would and he made sure that I was satisfied with it before he left. They did and excellent job cleaning. My final interior mould test was better than outside (which is great).

Mouldx delivered great service and excellent work. It was a pleasure doing business with him. I highly recommend Mouldx. And if you know the renovation issues that I have been through that is saying a lot. I wish more contractors were as service and quality driven as Mouldx."

Cheryl from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
avatarAfter our basement flooded we were left with a moldy and gross disaster. It looked bad, smelled worse and we were concerned for our families health.

Mouldx responded immediately to our email inquiry and were able to set up a date for an inspection asap. Charles arrived at the time he told us (no waiting around) and was professional and personable, gave us options for assistance and was clear and honest about the timing of having the work completed.

Shortly thereafter he and his team arrived at the exact time specified with a friendly email reminder beforehand and began on time and without hesitation. The team was friendly and non-invasive to our home, were polite and tidy and completely trustworthy.

The job took less time than we expected and our basement is squeaky clean, smells newly built and ready to be used once again as a playroom and guest room. I would recommend this company to anyone seeking mold removal services.

Emeli from Zephyr, Ontario, Canada
avatarMouldx is excellent. We had found a miner mold source around the shower area. As the topic is not something we new a lot of, to be able to count on professionals to give you honest advice and a realistic quotation is of great importance.

Mouldx did both and more. Our experience is that they give you a clear explanation of what the situation is and what your options are.

They listen to what the client wants as to give you the most suitable advice. The price was right and the work was swift and clean. Moral of the story, great company!

R. Akhbeis from Markham, Ontario, Canada
avatarHad a big mold problem in the house. Spore counts quite high all around the house and especially in the affected area. Called around and got a few quotes from the supposed better remediators and walked away baffled at the high prices and fear mongering tactics the mold industry uses. Also wasn't pleased with no one trying avoid damaging floors, entry ways etc while erecting containment. They all wanted release forms signed.

Then along comes Mouldx, recommended by the hygienist and it's totally different experience. No fear mongering, cut to the chase do what's needed attitude and all with a smile.

Charles is extremely patient and answers all questions honestly. A genuine nice guy. You would expect an even bigger price tag but not so, he beat everyone else's quote. The proof is in the pudding and there is no escaping clearance testing and let me tell you they deliver.

Despite high counts the house tested squeaky clean. Even the hygienist was impressed. Last they do things in a manner that causes the least possible damage. All I was left with is some staple holes to fill around a door trim. Others were going to tear up the floor!

John from Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
avatarMouldx provided exceptional service.

After many quotes and a confusing array of assessments, Charles at Mouldx was the only one who offered a prompt, written quote and then followed up with professional, timely and empathetic service.

I can't speak highly enough of this company and would recommend them without reservation. [Wish] all service providers were as professional and honest as Mouldx.

Louise from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

*Every testimonial above is 100% genuine submitted by previous clients. Testimonial profile pictures are for illustrative purposes only, not actual faces of clients because they did not send any profile pictures. All profile pictures were obtained on “Public Domain License (CC0)” so it can be used freely.*


“Charles was the most pleasant and competent young man. He even made his demolition of the basement into an interesting experience! But the proof of his knowledge and expertise lay in the fact that the follow-up lab reports gave us a clean bill of health!”
Gita Rotenberg (Toronto)

You can have mould growth in your home that has been there for years without smelling it. There are only a few species of mould that produce a scent that is detectable by humans. To require further assistance, contact us for our mold removal Toronto service.
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