What To Do?


Mould can grow out of sight hidden inside walls, ceilings and floors. In many of these cases there are little or no signs of water intrusion or mould growth. In these cases, mould is usually discovered by accident (renovations) or the occupants begin to experience mild to severe health issues leading to an environmental assessment or indoor air quality testing.
No signs of water damage or mould
Significant mould growth on the insulation


In many cases mould growth will first occur inside a wall or ceiling cavity and will grow on the back side of drywall or inside insulation. High humidity, condensation, roof leak, plumbing leak or foundation leaks will slowly cause mould to grow. Mould may slowly begin to appear.

Small mushrooms on carpet in basement
Dark staining on ceilings or walls


In other cases mould growth has become quite evident and covers a major portion of a room. In many of these cases, mould spores have been spread to other portions of the home and are already causing severe health issues.

Severe mould growth on drywall
Mould on the insulation



“Charles was the most pleasant and competent young man. He even made his demolition of the basement into an interesting experience! But the proof of his knowledge and expertise lay in the fact that the follow-up lab reports gave us a clean bill of health!”
Gita Rotenberg (Toronto)